Furnace Repairs for Pasadena & Baytown, TX

When it comes to furnace repair, there’s no better company in the Pasadena, TX area than Cosmic Air Conditioning and Heating. We’re dedicated to providing quality, responsive repair for your furnace that you can rely on any time of year.

You might not use your furnace for most of the year, but that doesn’t mean that keeping it in good working order isn’t important. When the temperatures dip, especially if they fall below freezing, then it can be at best uncomfortable and at worst dangerous to not have a working furnace. Considering the fact that the record low temperature in Pasadena is 9 degrees, it’s very possible that the weather could get this cold.

Possible Furnace Problems

While it’s difficult to say for sure what’s going on with your furnace until our contractors can actually come out and take a look at it, there are some common issues that might indicate you need furnace repair or maintenance. These include:

  • Lack of heat
  • No pilot light
  • Strange noises or smells
  • Constantly running or rapid cycling
  • Non-functional thermostat
  • Oddly high utility bills

If you’ve encountered these or any other problems, then it might be time to call the furnace repair professionals at Cosmic Air Conditioning and Heating. We proudly serve the Pasadena, TX area.

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